Well, here we are. Father's Day is on Sunday .. That means it's practically summer, and that summer snuck the f up on us. Weren't we talking about Mother's Day like a week ago?

Regardless, your dad's big day is around the corner. Now, I don't know him personally, but something just tells me he'll appreciate at least one of these gifts.

These guys get dressed up more than you think, and they can never have too many ties. Our family favorite is Vineyard Vines, and well, American flags. But they have something for everyone...

Dads love their music. Maybe yours is going deaf, or maybe he just jams really hard. Either way, a nice speaker suits him well.

If you were a guy, you'd be wearing a belt every minute of everyday. Give some variety to his collection, or give him one that's perfect for every occasion. From the office, to the golf course, and into the club house. (;

For all the golf they play, all the long drives they make, all the fishing trips they take, and everything in between, they need a good pair of shades.

A nice dress shirt is definitely a luxury, and one he will appreciate. These Brooks Brothers ones are top notch quality, and come 3/$229. Your dad would like that economical mindset.

This personalized card box is just downright cool. What's your dad's game?

Wishing everyone and their dads a wonderful weekend!


who: me. mary grace. music enthusiast. not-a-fan of large crowds.
what: governor's ball music festival. also my 16th birthday.
when: june 5th, 2015.
where: randall's island. yum.
pre-festival -- Have I drunk enough water today? How much water is enough water? Aren't we in a drought? Wait, but my phone isn't charged. Don't let Dad know your phone isn't charged. AIRPLANE MODE, NOW. Ok, water, check; phone, check. Erm, I don't think I can wear this new Hermes bangle? Mom? IT'S RAINING?! I don't have a raincoat. Ok, ok, I'll wear my Mt. Gay hat .. but what if I lose it? DON'T LOSE IT. Is my mascara going to run? F it. Let's go. Let's party. I want you and you and you in my Snapchat Story. This selfie lasts for 24 hours, MAKE IT GOOD LADIES. Yeeeeessss.
en route to festival -- It stopped raining. Did it really stop raining? My phone's at 89%. That's really good, if I do say so myself. Let's go. We're walking, we're talking. I LOVE YOUR OVERALLS. Ah, do you think she'll be my friend? Maybe fate will bring us back together later. Yes, fate. This day relies on fate. Fate that includes me not dying, or crying, or peeing my pants. I JUST LOVE ALL THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH. Either I'm crying or it's raining again.
at festival -- Lines, I hate lines. Never mind, this line was deceptively short. I'M IN. I'M HERE. I'VE MADE IT. I HAVE ARRIVED. Soooooo where do we go? I'll just follow. I can be a follower today, that's fine. Oh, friends! Hugs!! Selfies!!! Take our picture, pleeease. Do I look ok? Does my hair look ok? Did my mascara run? Why won't my Snapchat post? Jumping, I'm jumping now. Half laughing half crying. Yes, Dad, I'm alive. Ok. Sitting, I'm sitting now. Wow, I'm tired. Music?! More friends!!! Pictures!!! Let's switch sunglasses!!! I love your jean shorts!!! This band is my fave too!!! Oh, now you're on his shoulders. Wow. PICTURES, SO MANY PICTURES. Why won't my Snapchat post? Ugggghhh. Favorite song!! Where are all my friends? Friends!! Pictures!! Jumping?! Cold. I'm cold. Why won't my Snapchat post? Food?! Tacos. Water? Water. Yes, Dad, I'm alive. Friends? Friends!!! Pictures. Hugging. Why won't my Snapchat post? Dancing. Crying. Again, I'm crying again. Pictures of me crying. It's dark. I'm cold. Can you lend me your sweatshirt? I'm gonna sit down. Why won't my Snapchat post? PHONE'S DEAD. Ok, now friends? JK, can't find friends with a dead phone! Let's try anyway! Oh, strangers. You're not my friends. Byeeeee. FRIENDS. Friends!! Time to go. Let's go. Run. We're leaving. Leaving, now. Leave. Just leave. Goodbye.
post-festival -- FINALLY, I can get my Snapchats to post!! Oh, my phone's dead. Home, I want to be home NOW! Wait, but also -- Yes, Dad, I'm alive. Ok. Water, lots of water. Um, I skinned my knee. Disinfectant please!! Should I shower? I'm sooo tireddd. I think facewipes are enough right now. I need more water. CLEAN UNDERWEAR. What a luxury. A REAL TOILET. America, man. MY PHONE'S ALIVE. MY SNAPCHATS POSTED. Pictures. 203 pictures. What should I post? Ok, which filter? Caption?!! Where's the geotag!! THIS PIC IS GETTING SO MANY LIKES. Look at this filter! Should I post tomorrow? Oh my goodness, her Snapchat Story. Wait, were you there when --? Ah!! So many giggles. I'm asleep. JK, yes, Dad, I'm alive.

Happy festival season !! Dress the part..
xx MGR

UPDATE | 6.8.15

The past two weeks of my life have been quite busy, but exciting! With only two more weeks of school left, teachers are loading up on work and review packets. I am ready to be finished with school and reading and not having wake up at 6:40 am. Definitely going to try and post as much as I can over the next two weeks .. but no promises :) 

This past weekend I went to governors ball, which was amazing! Although my knee was the size of a soccer ball, due to my ACL surgery, it was worth it. If Florence + the Machine is ever playing near you, go see them! She was so cute and I love all of her music. I hope to see her again soon, because we weren't as close as I hoped to be. Hopefully next year I will be able to go all three days ... fingers crossed.

On another exciting note, I am heading to the London the week after school finishes. I am super excited, because this is my first time in the United Kingdom, and during this time Princess Charlotte will be Christened. It is definitely going to be so much fun -- shopping, eating, and taking plenty of aesthetically pleasing photos. If you have any recommendations of where to go to shop, eat, or anything else to do in London please comment below! Would love to hear from you all :) For now I will be daydreaming of Prince Harry and studying different types of DNA technology.



Happy Friday, guys and gals! Today is a big day -- my 16th birthday, but also Governor's Ball [ it's festival season, have you heard? ]. Oh, and how could I forget?! It's also national donut day. I'm not sure which of the three I'm most excited about.

Either way, it's [kind of] summer, we're all bored of school [or work], and your wallets could use some exercise.

Happy weekend and happy shopping!

xx MGR


I read Man Repeller everyday. And I'm not talking just one 7:00 pm sweep of the site. I have it open on my computer all day and refresh it every few hours. I've probably read 97% of the pieces published from October until today.
That being said, the name Rosie Assoulin has become all too familiar .. But only in an abstract way. You know, like when your bestie gets this new bestie and won't shut up about her new "totally amazing and cool and Instagram savvy bestie!" for four months so therefore A) causes the word bestie to now be in your everyday vernacular against your will and B) makes you jump when someone was tagged in the new bestie's pic on Facebook because you just know that name. I know you know.
And eventually in that four month trajectory you'll click on the bestie's Facebook page and scroll through every picture until you hit a 2009 profile picture complete with side bangs and a tube top. So today, post-CDFA's, when I heard that Rosie Assoulin won an award, I jumped to her Facebook page. JK. I just Googled her. And scrolled and read for awhile, to find out that A) she is undeniably "totally amazing and cool!", B) her line consists of a whole bunch of clothes I would sell my soul for, and C) I want her to be my new bestie.

You've made it this far, and do you finally agree with me?! She is bestie goals. In fact, she is just flat out goals. But if I can't be her, I can just be best friends with her, right? And while I'm at it wear some of these drop-dead-roll-over-in-my-grave-but-in-a-good-way clothes. (; If you feel the same way and happen to have some spare couture change in your pocket(book), shop her collection below!

Happy shopping / lusting!
xx MGR

*photos via Rosie Assoulin


My favorite summer essential has quickly become denim shorts. Guys, they are comfortable, they are fun, they are trendy, somehow still classic, and the likes of Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung have proven that they are chic.

My J Brand pair from last summer became my holy grail. I just felt comfortable in them. They were flattering, stretchy, soft .. Like Nike shorts, but socially acceptable. It's not easy, though, to find just the right pair. Like ballet flats or jeans, they come in all different shapes, sizes, and varieties. There is, I promise you, the perfect pair out there. Don't give up! In fact, let's get this party started. Shop every variation of these beloved "jorts" until you find the one.

Though I often gravitate towards light wash, distressed, raw edged cut offs, I tried to offer you some diversity. Do some research, try some one, figure out what the best fit for you is! High waisted, low rise, light wash, dark wash, cuffed, 3", 5"? This is all about preference.

Best of luck in your denim hunt!
xx MGR


So my mother finally convinced me to do a 2-day juice cleanse with her and here is the story behind this adventure...
Plan: Do 2 days of drinking 6 juices, chewing lots of orbit gum, and drinking lots and lots of water.

Background: My mother has been doing the 3 day juice cleanse from Blue Print about every 6 months since 2010. I've had sips of the "green juice" or the "spicy lemonade juice". I have, also, gone on multiple runs to the city to pick them up that were usually followed by my mothers last supper, which is frozen yogurt from Tasti-D-Lite. After my surgery, I felt disgusting and out of sorts. My knee was getting rid of toxins and I could only go on the bike for 15 minutes at a time. My mom wanted to go on a cleanse since she too was feeling gross and I decided to try it out with her. Knowing my very weak will power, we split a 5 day pack of Foundation Cleanse. I started eliminating processed foods and caffeine the Friday before so I wouldn't get major headaches or tummy troubles during the cleanse. The night before I prayed the the gods I could make it at least 24 hours until giving into food...

Monday May 25th, 2015

11 AM: I'm assuming that waking up with your stomach grumbling is not a good way to start off? Dang of course the day I can't eat food there are bagels in my house. First juice of the day is the green juice, well here goes nothing.... *taking a sip and suddenly gags at the taste* WHAT IS IN THIS!? Carefully reads over ingredients for a second time. I like all these foods, but why do they taste bad together, maybe it is the kale. I'll just wash it down with water. For the next thirty minutes, I take 1 sip of green juice for every glass of water. Thank goodness that is over, now what should I do today!

1PM: I think I've drank about 7 8oz. glasses of water in one sitting, which means I will be about a thirty gallons in about 20 minutes. I can no longer sit in the kitchen and do nothing because I will either want to a) eat anything b) drink a diet coke or c) bite my nails down to stubs due to boredom. I think I will finish that needle point I started.

3PM: 1 belt and 2 needle point keychains later, it is time for my 2nd juice. Cashew, vanilla, cinnamon doesn't sound too bad. Hmm tastes like cinnamon toast crunch. Chugs juice in about 5 minutes and wipes off the mustache that comes with it. I can do that again no problem. Guess I'll go back up to my room where there is nothing but water, gum, and needle pointing.

3:30 - 6PM: Don't go to a movie with anyone who is not on a cleanse. My mother and I decided to get out of food central and go see The Woman in Gold. Our mistake was bringing my popcorn loving brother with us. Temptation was sitting right next to us, but we resisted the urge and told him to leave halfway during the film since we could no longer tolerate the smell. I felt weak at this point although at this moment I'm pretty sure I heard Ryan Reynolds whisper, "You can do it Caroline". I had to stick with it because, duh Ryan Reynolds told me too. We were stayed faithful to our cleanse for the rest of the movie.

6PM: FYI The green juice doesn't get any better, even if it is your second one.

8PM: The past two hours have been spent needlepointing, doing math homework, and shopping as per usual. I head down for my final juice at the wrong time. It was dinner for the rest of my family, but I was having the lemonade juice, which according my mother is the best one. She was right! Sadly I devoured it in about a minute, which is upsetting because it took me thirty minutes to drink a green juice. Immediately after finishing, I head back up and pray that the next day will be easier.

10PM: Stomach Rumbling please stop doing that I'm trying to sleep here.

Tuesday May 25th, 2015

7:10AM: The only benefit of drinking a juice for breakfast is that I get to sleep in about 20 minutes. The downside is that everyone is eating breakfast, which includes cereal and apples. I decide to sit in the car for about twenty minutes till the family is ready to head out to school.

7:50AM-3PM: I decide to not bring a juice to school because I don't have anywhere to refrigerate them, so I will be surviving off of gum today. School was not as difficult and temptation is easy to avoid because you can sit in the library where, in my school, food and drinks are prohibited. I had to sneak in my water, but it was a good spot to chill during lunch and my free. 

3PM: The green juice still doesn't taste good and it still takes thirty minutes to drink.

4PM: Mhm the cashew milk juice is my second favorite out of the three and motivates me through the homework and studying of this evening.

6PM: The final green juice doesn't go very well, so I drink about half of it and then dump the rest in the sink, but it was my 5th one I drank over the two day course. So maybe the green juice was not my favorite, but it probably was the healthiest of the 3 drinks and probably flushed the most toxins out of my body. 

8PM: Only one more sleep till food and the final juice of the cleanse, which was the lemonade. I saved best for last and enjoyed my drink while watching an episode of Mad Men. The perfect way to end a day in my opinion. 

As I'm writing this, I'm in the final hour of the cleanse process, but here are some tips if you try to do a juice cleanse, which I totally recommend! 
- Stay busy and stay active throughout the day.
- Keep a bottle of water around and stay hydrated.

- Gum is great to replace the action of chewing actual food! Highly recommend chewing it when not drinking the juice.

- Drink your Green Juice! Multiple times I wanted to skip over it, but it is the best juice you drink in the cleanse and it will help your body the most during those 2 or 3 days.

-  Don't sit and chill because you'll get bored and want to eat.

- Don't drink your juices around the same time as meals in your household because temptation is difficult to ignore.

- I regret doing the cleanse on a day I didn't have school because I found myself bored and hungry, while school kept me occupied. Don't do the cleanse during the weekend, but instead during the week.

- Don't do it alone! Do it with a friend or family member because not only do they feel your pain, but are there to motivate you when you feel weak.

The overall experience is something that I hope to do again because I felt very focused during school today and had lots of energy throughout the day. Next time I hope to do it maybe three days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday? I have reached my goal, which was being able to go 48 hours without food and drinking all the juices given in my pack. Again, Blue Print Cleanses are my moms favorite so that is the only one I know of, but if you know of any other good ones please comment below.
Have you ever done a juice cleanse and what did you think of it? Would you do one? 
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