Take Me Away

Brr! Today in New York it is snowing and freezing. I can't wait for summer to come back again and to be tan and warm... but that will all have to wait till June when MG and I get jobs (what!?) Lately, I have been suffering from the wonderful yet awful disease of wanderlust. I have been dying to go some place new for a long time, but just haven't had the time to do it. I went to Paris when I was 11, but I want to go again to take it a bit more seriously, or just maybe to eat more macaroons!
      One place I have just been googling, pinning, and daydreaming about is London! I am dying to just stand outside Buckingham palace or take a walk in the park and accidentally bump into Kate and George and exchange telephone numbers (ha!) I think the real reason I want to go away so badly is that it is so cold here in New York.

 Somerset House, London
 Amalfi, Italy 
 Andalusia, Spain
 St. Lucia, Caribbean Sea
 Marcy Cave, Greece
 Venice, Italy
Spot by the pool
Or even a chair in the sun!
Where do you want to vacation to?
Cheers, CMK

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