Cork Board Revamp

Anyone still a huge fan of an old fashion cork board? I definitely am! Mine is one of my favorite parts of my room. It adds an extra punch of personality! I like to have it propped up on my desk to brighten up the workspace (last seen here). I know tons of people like to fix their's with their current inspirations, but I like it to serve as a memory board - filled with favorite pictures, movie tickets, and clothing tags. Mine was in need of a little update, so I thought I'd take you along for the ride!
I split my items into different categories:
- Pushpins : These are a must! I use a mixture of fun pins and regular pushpins.
- Tags : I am a tag hoarder. I love branding, so I'm a huge fan of decorating my board with these!
- Sentimental items : Things like movie/concert/sporting tickets, old letters, hotel keys, etc.
- Photos : A must for my cork board. I split mine up into older photos and more recent ones.
- Stickers : Got a ton of bumper stickers, but no car? No worries! They're my favorite things on my cork board.
- Things to hang : I tend to hang things on the corners of mirrors and cork boards. Party beads, leis, old glow sticks, etc.
I added the photos first. They were my largest items and the best things to build around! I had to prioritize which ones I wanted up - there was no way they'd all fit. I added my more recent photos first and then added some of the older ones. After that, I built around them, adding tons of stickers (eep @ the Kate Spade ones!), an old Giants ticket, my Lumineers ticket, a pretty little tag via Anthropologie, and my brother's pass from a VV tradeshow.
I added some finishing touches and propped it up on my desk. I'm totally loving the way it turned out! It was super overwhelming before and I needed to cut it down. I'll probably do something different when I redo my room, but it's perfect for right now!

Do you have a cork board up in your room?
xx MGR

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