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Hello! Hope everyone excited for the new year to come because I am! I am having the best time in St. Louis with my baby cousin that I just haven't had the time to write. For one my resolutions this year I plan to be more organized in school, friends and family, babysitting, and blogging. I think the real reason I want to be the organization queen is because it comes with the cute labels and folders. Here are some ideas and tips to help you organize the upcoming year!

1// Labels
I have always loved my moms label maker ever since the day she bought it at staples. We labeled everything from toy buckets to folders for my mom's business. It was the coolest thing in the whole entire world! Now I use the label maker to label my binders, folders, and storage. One use of the label maker that I find super helpful is for group projects. You can label each persons individual folder with name and assignment. My favorite label maker can be found online at staples or in store.

2// Agenda
My life rotates around my Lilly Agenda (sadly they are not online at the moment.) Everyday in the morning I write three things I want to accomplish in the day. I write one to do with school, one to do with social life, and lastly one to do with lacrosse because I am preparing for the upcoming season. Throughout the day I write down homework, test, quizzes, birthdays, and lacrosse practices. Finally at the end of the day I check off things I accomplished and I write the high and low of the day. My agenda has helped my so much in the transition of high school and has improved my planning of time around field hockey, lacrosse, and running. Also, this agenda is super cute!

3// Storage
I have always adored the container store ever since I realized that there are so many used for cute and colorful boxes. In my desk I have an acrylic organizer that separates my loose leaf from computer paper and has another compartment for my tacks and paper clips. Another thing storage is useful for is mail. In the kitchen of my house we have a green metal bucket on it where we keep mail, important letters, and coupons! Here is my acrylic organizer and my mail bucket.

4// Sorting
I hate when I go into someones room and there is just junk everywhere. I think one key thing in being organized is not to clutter. Usually when my desk piled with old work, diet coke cans, and post-it reminders I can not focus. The same thing goes with clothing, when I have my top drawers over flowing it makes my day stressful. One tip for sorting, specifically clothing, try it on then, see if you wore it in the last year if you haven't toss it, last think of three outfits you can wear it with. This defiantly sorts out the clothes you really like and will wear often. When it comes to old files or homework sometimes it is better to type than write. This is because now you can always have a file on copy.

Do you have any tips on being organized?
xx, CMK

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