Seven Top Tracks :: Vampire Weekend

I'm a huge Vampire Weekend fan. That could either be super expected or super choose. My sisters have been listening to them ever since I can remember (which is crazy because they only debuted 5 years ago!). After months and months of their songs gracing my ears, I finally decided to ask what the heck an Oxford Comma was. So thanks, Kaitlin (my oldest sister and avid Vampire Weekend listener), for teaching me the definition of my favorite form of punctuation (I'm a raging supporter) and introducing me to this band.

So I went in kinda blind. But let's be real, I think I was only ten. I knew all I needed (and still need #IMO): I liked the songs! And what I remember to be very shortly after my discovery was the launch of just about the best ad campaign I could ever wish for:
It doesn't even need an explanation. I seriously loved The Hilfigers with all my heart. And obviously, it was fitting that my new favorite band was apart of it! It pretty much reaffirmed my love of the music, and added a whole new element to the band: they were the preppy music, and at the time, I will admit, I was slightly obsessed with being preppy. (I now understand that that was a predominant factor under which the band marketed on from the start!)

And so it began. My love grew with every new song I discovered, every interview I watched.. And it kind of exploded this spring when Modern Vampires of the City released. Just the album cover alone had me hooked.
Are you a fan of popped collars, tartan, and rolled up corduroys (in fewer words..the Hilfigers)? Then you're probably a fan of Vampire Weekend. 

Here's my top tracks:
one: "Oxford Comma"
two: "Diane Young"
three: "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa"
four: "Step"
five: "Holiday"
six: "Cousins"
seven: "Unblievers"

Are you a Vampire Weekend fanatic? If A-Punk's the first song in your iTunes library we can totally be bff's!
xx MGR

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