Coffee Table Books

Although this is a long time away from now, I can't wait to decorate my own apartment. Since I was little I have always helped my mom with decorating and giving her my opinion about what fabric to chose, or which paint color looked best. I just can't wait to pick out my couch, bed, fridge, kitchen towels, and all that fun stuff. Well, one part I am especially excited about is picking out coffee table books and styling them. The other day, I was picking out some for our coffee table and they are just so much fun to read and they are super pretty too! Here are my favorite books:

All these books are so fun! Definitely will be purchasing every single one in the near future. Here are some of my favorite coffee table set-ups from Pinterest.

I will have dreams about my future home for awhile.... Hope every stays warm today!

Cheers, CMK

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