Monday Must Haves

Although I have no school, I shall be spending the day in the library preparing for my upcoming midterms. I am only taking 3 test I am super nervous for all of them. I have been spending a majority of my time either at the local library or in my room. I just keep on telling myself that after I finish these midterms that I will get to hit the slopes - possibly with MGR. I just can't wait to feel relief of taking off my ski boots after a long, but wonderful day of skiing. Here are some monday must haves.
- Aren't these nike sneakers so fun! I absolutely love the colors and they are super lightweight. 
- Also you should check out MGR's eight tracks playlist called Blindsided.  It is one of my favorite playlists on 8tracks! 
- I keep on sticking post-it notes everywhere reminding myself what I have to do. 
- Lastly, my nerdy glasses that have just been sitting on top of my head for the past week. 
What are your Monday Must Haves?
xx, CMK

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