Weekend Reading

- Have you caught onto my love of orcas? I found an albino one and I'm a tad obsessed...

- I couldn't help but start a 'doors' Pinterest board.

- A website dedicated to twisty-ties? I love these neon ones, this tie dye pack, and these camo guys! Sidenote: obsessed with their arrow logo!

- I finished The Fault in Our Stars...now onto Looking for Alaska.

- I finally got new stationery (fashioned with my monogram, of course) to catch up on some Xmas thank you notes!

- These C.Wonder slippers are finally available..and I need them.

- Dying to make these scones!!

- As per demand of a school assignment, I've launched a fictional line of vineyard vines products for American Girl Dolls..shouldn't that be a real thing?!

What are you up to this weekend?
xx MGR

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