Confessions of a Teenage Blogger

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I read Gracey's post, "#Confessions of a Teenage Blogger," last week and found it so relatable. I think the 'teenage blogger' must be a rare bread and therefore we can find tons of commonalities among us. I thought I would share my thoughts and struggles with blogging as a teenager.

The biggest issue? Being a full time student! I conveniently took up blogging and high school within the same week. At first, both endeavors were pretty easy to manage. I had a fraction of the school work and a fraction of the blog work. Since then, my school work has picked up a ton and my seriousness about blogging has also picked up a ton. The spring semester has thrown in another factor to juggle - lacrosse. I'm up at 6:00 every morning, in school from 8:00 - 3:00, and not home until 6:00 (at the earliest!). I work really hard to get ahead of my school work to lessen the amount I have at home and on the weekends. But even still, it's hard to fit blogging in! I try my hardest to write on the weekend and have posts scheduled throughout the week, but sometimes that isn't executed. It's serious exercise in time management skills.

Another thing I struggle with is putting out quality content without making too strong of commitments. I'm only 14 - a freshman in high school. This is my time to find myself. My taste has really gone full circle since I started writing back in August. It's really hard to be consistent in content when my mood and taste isn't necessarily consistent. This also plays a part financially. I would love to buy Photoshop, take classes, and pay for a professional blog design...but random babysitting jobs sometimes can't cut it! As supporting as my parents are, this blog isn't their responsibility. It's tough to juggle priorities and commitments like this!

As tough as it is sometimes, I love blogging with all my heart. It's the creative outlet I've dreamed of since I was little. I truly have fun doing it - whether it's writing posts, pinning to Pinterest, or creating graphics. I remind myself to embrace the fun stuff when I get overwhelmed or intimidated by blogging!

Are you a teen blogger? What do you struggle with? Any advice for fellow teen bloggers?
xx MGR

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  1. I'm so happy that I inspired you to create your own #confessionsofateenageblogger (long hashtag, I know). We all struggle with the same things!


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