J'ai Fini!

Yeah! Summer vacation has officially started for moi! I survived my fist year of high school without any major problems. Overall the experience was different, I got to meet a lot of new people this year and encounter new situations. Now what are the plans from here? Well, I'm off to Kansas City this Wednesday to go visit my cousins. I'm so excited to see all my little munchkins. I return a week from Thursday and then am home for the next two weeks. I still have no official plans for those two weeks, which is very unusual for me. After, I am flying to St. Louis to go visit my aunt and her baby for the weekend. Following that,  I'll be off to my beach house in Fire Island for 6 weeks. This summer, I plan on setting aside at least an hour everyday for the blog. Will keep you guys updated on my adventures!

xx, CMK

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