A Back to School Update

So. I owe you a little update. An announcement of sorts. One that means more to me than it will mean to you. But an announcement nonetheless. Drumroll, please...!
I'm transferring schools!

The last two (maybe four?) weeks have been hectic, to say the least. It took me until the beginning of August to realize I was unhappy at school and literally could not stomach the thought of going back. After a week and a half of back and forth with my parents ("are you sure you want to transfer?") we bit the bullet. Called the school, set up a meeting, took a test. And then bam. I was enrolled. Telling my friends was a battle I dreaded fighting. But it had to be done. Everything's in place and my first day is tomorrow!

If you paid any attention last year, you would've known I was commuting into Manhattan everyday to my private UES school, pretty much living in real-life-Gossip-Girl. The commute was wearing on me, the academic pressure suffocating me, so I jumped ship. Regrets? None. I met some amazing friends, experienced the city (and learned it to a T!), and learned tons about myself. Overall, a pretty good experience. Onto the next...

Wishing everyone (well, maybe not everyone) an amazing school year!
xx MGR

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