Growing up is kind of really a whole lot very much so [ ? ] weird. It's abstract, but also insanely concrete. Well, I'll tell ya, an easy way to gauge a change in time is a change in wardrobe. Never have I ever lusted over a leather jacket, dreamt about ripped jeans, and in fact, I despised white Converse. But, oh, how the tables have turned. The following items are ones I need in my closet. Yes, need. Because at this point it feels like I might just keel over into a pit of self pity and hatred if they're not apart of my everyday wardrobe. And that needs to happen SOON.

leather jacket | sunglasses | sneakers
eye cream | denim

Put your hands in the air if you's a true playa [ in the online shopping game ]. Well if you're embodying the hand raising emoji all ova the place, I'm glad we're on the same page. I had trouble deciding what to post today -- but then I decided : Let's enable each other's addictions .. because as Notorious B.I.G. once said, why not? [ jk, that never happened .. ] Shop the image above or the scrollbar below to buy all the stuff I wish I was buying.
Fear not! The online shopping can continue. Head over to the 'SHOP' shop page for a running list of everything we're lusting over. Oh, and the 'CURRENTLY OBSESSED' widget to your right does the same. High tech, I know. Well, ladies, shop to it [ wish Notorious B.I.G said that too .. ]!

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