Monday Pick-Me-Up

Happy Monday, all! Everyone ready for another work-filled week? Psh, I'm already counting down the minutes to 2:45 on Friday....But in the meantime, I might as well appreciate the little things, right?

Playlist Favorite // Royals by Lorde is my jam. Marina + The Diamonds, meets Lana del Rey, meets Florence + The Machine? Yes, please.

25% off at J.Crew // Um, where's my striped Excursion vest? Merino boyfriend sweater? Tuxedo stripe Pixie Pants? Let me love you, J.Crew.

Making my train // I get dismissed at 2:45 and was on a 3:19 train. To say I couldn't wait to get out of the city is an understatement. Forgetting my headphones was a bummer, but being home before 4:00 made up for it.

A very patriotic baseball cap // This Smathers and Branson hat is me. I've been wanting one since July, and it reared it's red, white, and blue head today. American flag, needlepoint, baseball hat.. Anyone wanna send one my way? 

iTunes Live Festival // I spent too many hours last September watching my favorite artists perform at the iTunes Live Festival..I mean, it's when I discovered my love for Ed Sheeran. Being reminded of the festival (right before Vampire Weekend's performance, mind you) was a pretty good cure to my Sunday Scaries, and watching some performances this afternoon was quite enjoyable.

What are the little things your appreciating this Monday?


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