Monday's Pinterest Picks

Every couple weeks, Pinterest will totally get ahead of me...and after two days of totally neglecting it, I could literally scroll for days. Which obviously allows for sifting through all the fluff and finding those Pinterest gems. Here's some I found today and can't get enough of!
looks familiar
My favorite Lilly quote
Gruyere mac 'n cheese
Just about all of it 
Covered in vines
Tweed love
Interior perfection 
Diana in Barbour

While all these pictures are my ultimate inspiration, some of their sources are even better. Click the links to read up! {A recipe is totally and utterly required so that I can make that mac 'n cheese myself, and I cannot get enough of Harper's Bazaar's online article appreciating preppy, cozy fall classics!}

What's totally inspiring you on this chilly Monday?

xx MGR

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