My Favorite Fall/Winter Nail Polishes

I'll be completely honest: I went on a total manicure hiatus over the summer. I just didn't have the energy! It just never felt worth it. But since school started, I've caved. I'm turing back into a little nail polish addict. And I just adore fall/winter colors!
Bobbing for Baubles
Going Incognito
I'm a loyal Essie girl! It's the only thing I know - ever since I was little my sisters would only let me pick from the Essie racks..and now I'm a little shy to branch out. Leaving behind my trusted pinks, maybe an occasional red, a few years ago was tough. But now Chinchilly is easily my favorite! I love a good navy and emerald as well. And everyone needs a deep red or purple for fall; A-List is my current favorite (I've tried so many!).

What are your fall/winter manicure go to's?
xx, MGR

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