My {Uniform} Style Guide

Just a couple weeks ago CMK and I were chatting with Mackenzie and Carly at the Jack Rogers x Sail to Sable event, when they mentioned they were always pulling inspiration from all the Upper East Side teenage girls in their school uniforms. To which I added, I am one of those girls. And just a few days prior, someone had asked me a question on Tumblr about how I style my uniform. I go to school in Manhattan. The biggest, most diverse place on the world..Not to mention spewing with creative people and people who love fashion. So the school gives us guidelines, but they're really only there to be broken. And I figured out a long time ago how to make my uniform me. Lucky enough, I've naturally got that prep in me, so making a plaid skirt and collared shirt cute is not that hard.

So since I got that question, I've been taking pictures of my school outfits a few days a week. Thought I'd share for all of you private school girls:
vv pullover // Ralph Lauren driving mocs
Gap sweater // fair isle camp socks // Sperry booties
J.Crew sweater // Target crew socks // Sperry's
Some of my favorites during the week:
Uniforms: yay or nay?
xx MGR

*Those who follow my Tumblr are probably familiar with my horrible OOTD's in my messy room, for which I apologize and am trying to work on!

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