Save the Whales

I don't know what you were up to on Saturday night, but I may or may not have let my phone die, totally ignoring all social obligations, and together my sisters and I dedicated the night to a movie. We narrowed the New Releases down to two not-so-similar movies: The Great Gatsby and Blackfish. I guess the title of this post kinda hints at what we ended up choosing...

This documentary tells the story of Tilikum, a current resident of SeaWorld's Shamu tank. You hear the story of how he was hunted down off the coast of Iceland 30 years ago, and from there, his heart wrenching journey in captivity - specifically outlining the three deaths he's caused while in these parks. You should go rent this movie..just make sure to have some tissues on hand.

I think this documentary has brought out the inner animal activist in it's audience. I'm sorry to say that prior to watching this, I knew nothing about whales, nor did SeaWorld and the treatment of it's "performers" ever cross my mind. Killer whales are insanely interesting. This movie especially set the facts straight - it made a point of countering SeaWorld's blatant lies about orcas. Blackfish has completely opened my eyes to a new subject I would have never known I felt so passionate about.

I want to do something to help. The movie's website has a link directing it's audience on how to take action. That page links us to Voice of the Orcas, a platform started by ex SeaWorld trainers aimed at spreading awareness and ways to help the orcas. Check out those links to learn more (there's so many informative links on the VOCO website!), and hopefully join the movement. 

Go watch this doc, and tell me what you think!

xx MGR

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