Seven Top Tracks :: The Head and the Heart

While having a binge blog brainstorming session (woah, alliteration) on my bedroom floor, I was completely overwhelmed by the silence in my room. Good ideas don't come from quiet Tuesday nights. So I threw in my one of my current favorite bands into the YouTube search bar and came out with a fun new idea for a series! Every few weeks I'll introduce a band I'm currently loving and share my seven (not too little, not too many) track picks, sound good? Good!

Most of my favorite bands and artists first grace my ears in my sister's Jeep. The Head and the Heart is no exception (along with The Lumineers, Ben Howard, etc...). "Rivers and Roads" quickly turned into my favorite song after hearing it straight from her Purchased playlist. Now they seem to hold the majority of space on her iPod, and from that they've easily turned into one of my favorite bands.

I love good live music. This is a pretty great example. They sound exactly the same as they do on iTunes! Love it. Check out their website, it's pretty cool!

Here's my top tracks:
one: "Rivers and Roads"
two: "Down in the Valley"
three: "Sounds Like Hallelujah"
four: "Lost in My Mind"
five: "Shake"
six: "Honey Come Home"
seven: "10,000 Weight in Gold"

Who's your go to band at the moment? I'd love to hear!
xx MGR

PS: My sister's Pinterest is almost as good as her music taste..Follow her!

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