Lacrosse Plan

The next three weeks of my life will be dedicated to lacrosse and being healthy. I have tryouts in two weeks from today and while I know I will make the team, I hope to be one of the players starting in games. Here's a quick recap of my lacrosse history: I started playing in fourth grade. I have played for my youth league ever since then. I definitely was at my best in 5th and then it. just. went. down. hill. The past two years of lacrosse have, well, not been so much fun. This past fall I started playing in a travel league. My goal was to improve my stick skills and become a better defensive player. I am very happy with my decision to play in another league where not many of my town league teammates were playing. I played with amazing lacrosse players, which made me a better lacrosse player. I left having confidence for the upcoming season.

As tryouts approach my calendar, I need to get in shape. It is true I have had a week off from running. I usually run 1.5-3 miles every other day, but the past two weeks have not been good. Today, I start my lacrosse training. Everyday for the next three weeks I am running at least 2.5 miles and then 10 sprints. After that is a 15 minute ab workout and 15 minutes of stick skills. Overall, about an hour to an hour and a half of working out. The odds may not be in my favor weather wise, which causes a trip to the gym. I am looking forward to the healthy lifestyle and will keep you updated!!
Now who is ready to lax it up?!

Are you preparing for a spring sport?
xx, CMK

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