Terrapin Stationers

Last week my sister turned me on to the best Instagram I have ever encountered. It's that of Ted Harrington and his company, Terrapin Stationers. I've fallen into a bit of a mini-obsession the brand, the brains behind it, and the Instagram that comes from it. Let's be real, his photos are downright amusing. And so are some of the products.
Loving the streamlined look and seriously amazing quality, but a bit wary of the modern language? No problem! The family run brand has been around for "nearly a century" and is now led by Ted Harrington and his mother Cathy, who together manage to "blend old school charm and modern irreverence." And sometimes just stick to old school charm...
These products are right up my alley - amazing quality, beautiful craftsmanship, and simply designed. Fussy stationary is sometimes fun, but how could you not love the timeless elegance of streamlined embossing and kraft paper envelopes? I, personally, cannot turn it down. And not to mention, they do work for fashion houses such as Marc Jacobs and Celine. The combination of the brand's old school, family run vibe, amazing quality, and the genuine character of the guy behind it is turning it into one of my favorites.

Have you heard of Terrapin Stationers before?
xx MGR

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