25 Fun Facts

Inspired by MGR's post including 20 fun facts about her, I thought I would do my own. A little update, I have kept up with my plan and have been having a good week so far! :) It has been forever since I have seen MGR! We both are booked from lacrosse tryouts to our busy high school lives. This weekend shall be spent with friends and sleeping. Lots of sleeping!
1. 25 is my lucky number.
2. Fire Island is my summertime home.
3. My dream school is Georgetown. 
4. I have know MGR since kindergarden.
5. I have lived in New York my whole life.
6. My favorite color is navy! #navyornothing
7. I have a size 11 foot.
8. Summer is my favorite season.
9. Puppies are my weakness.
10. I prefer the ocean over the pool.
11. I have been playing lacrosse for 6 years.
12. I got my aunt sick on her wedding day.
13. I am the only girl in my family.
14. I constantly dream about my future apartment.
15. I adore bar carts.
16. Scallops are perfection.
17. I am dying to throw a Gatsby themed party.
18. I have two brothers.
19. Someday, I want to travel abroad. 
20. I listen to Peter Gabriel when studying.
21. Diet Coke = Life.
22. Pretty cupcakes make me happy.
23. Receiving packages or letters makes my day.
24. Elephants are my favorite animal.
25. I have lost 4 Shep Shirts in my lifetime.

What are your "fun facts"?
xx, CMK

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