This week has been crazy with a capital c! My parents are away, lacrosse is starting again, and I have tests in every class for the next week and a half. Although this warmer weather is making my days a bit better, it won't be able to memorize the millions billions of art history flash cards. To keep up with these busy days, I've been using these tricks to not have a mental breakdown in the middle of class!

ONE // Stay on top of it
 I try to do my homework and projects the day they are assigned. The way my schedule works is that I have my classes every other day, so usually the day homework is assigned, I do it that day. If I slack behind one day, I have a mile high pile of homework! Also, my week is just off if that happens, so I try my very best to do work the day it is given. Procrastination is not the key! I know the struggle of not being able to stop reading Buzzfeed, but it is totally worth it to get all that work done now, rather than later. After getting all your work done, it's nice to know that you are all finished for the day and have nothing else to do.

TWO // Work in increments 
I prefer to work in 45 minute increments when doing homework or studying for a test. I give myself a fifteen minute break to check Instagram, Snapchat stories, Twitter, etc. Not only does this give you something to look forward to while working, but when starting up again you can look at that essay or art project with a new pair of eyes. It is hard to be editing the same paper over and over again for two straight hours. Organize your time based on what works best for you!

THREE // Give yourself a break
The reason I work hard is for my 15 to 20 minute breaks. Sometimes they are longer depending on how the day is going. During these, I usually check social media, check new arrivals on some sites, go on Pinterest, or go grab a Diet Coke. It is good to step away from the desk and focus something that is not so stressful. Sometimes I will just grab a book and read for 20 minutes to take a break from constantly staring at my computer or phone. I find these breaks definitely to help me keep going when I am head over heels with homework.

FOUR // Stay Healthy
No one likes being sick, especially me. Since lacrosse is here that means it is super important to stay healthy because I can no longer skip school because I have practice in the afternoons. Even on my days off, I try and squeeze in a 30 minute run or a tennis lesson to switch things up. I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated especially since the days are getting warmer. Also, I become a germaphobe during these 3 months because I don't want to get sick, but any day after I will be more than happy to share a water bottle with you :) 

FIVE // Be Organized
I can not stress how much being organized helps you not only in school, but in life. It is nice to know where everything is and not have a binder overflowing with papers. Over midterms, I had to organize all my flashcards, which was annoying, but when finals and AP exams come around, I will know where my flashcards are and not have to rewrite them. It is good to label everything you have because when sorting through papers or folders on your computer, you won't accidentally delete a review packet. Staying organized is definitely the key to being successful at anything in life.

Hope these tricks + tips will help you!
xx, CMK

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