Last week I shared one of the most genius things I've ever come up with .. A DIY Paperless Post invitation. My brain conjured up that little idea in preparation for my sixteenth birthday party, which is now just about a week away. No, I won't be featured on MTV's 'My Super Sweet 16,' but that's still a sensitive subject, so let's not...

Actually, no, let's. Because I'm quite certain -- in the least narcissistic, self-righteous, and egotistical way -- that my 'sweet 16' would be the classiest one that show's ever seen. Ok, fine, I guess my certainty is a little ironic, being that this party planning has barely even gotten started. But my vision is so good, that the actual thing would have to try really hard to be bad. Ya know?

I'm really, really drawn to the idea of a patio, with very bright florals, bistro chairs, twinkly lights .. So, I hunted for a good week and a half for a restaurant equipped with the necessary things and holding the potential for the rest. Nothing seemed quite right, except BOBO, which, alas, charges $5k for its 50-person private patio. My mom and I said, 'No thanks!'
Instead we landed on our suburban country club. Which, low and behold, has a patio, and after my sister's November wedding, has proven to deserve an A+ in the party department. Obviously, however, my heart broke into a million tiny pieces when we found out the patio was booked. A private dining room is fiiiiiiine, I guess, but I'm still really banking on some twinkly lights. Like really, really banking and begging for those twinkly lights.
I think my goal here is to turn this rinky-dink backroom full of 16-year-olds into a garden party. I want to bring the outside in, I want to keep the spirits high. I think there's a few key things I need to do to ensure those two things happen : A | keep it colorful [ with flowers, poofs, and balloons ] / B | keep it bright yet soft [ with candles and those God damned twinkly lights!! ] / C | keep it fun [ with games, favors, music, and conversation starters ].

I want to ask you all for suggestions on all of the above, ie: your favorite flower arrangements, fun candle-holder ideas, things to hand out, things to do, music to play, etc. But, well, first I'll give you some decor.

Alright, your turn. Give me all your suggestions, I'd love to hear!
xx MGR

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