14 for 2014 Update

We're 1 month into 2014! I wrote up a list of goals I had for the new year approximately 40 days ago. Crazy how quickly that time flew by! And during those 40 days, I did make some progress on a few of my goals... I've been keeping the list in the back of my mind this whole time, and check it often. Every time I have an "I'm bored" moment or a free weekend, I click back to the post and remind myself of what I need to get done. It's really been an awesome source of motivation for me..and I'm actually making progress!

#3 // Read (at least) 1 book per month //
I remembered this goal close to the end of the month and scrambled to bring my Kindle back to life in order to follow through. I knew I wanted to read John Green's books, but it took me a couple days to decide on where to start. Upon several recommendations, I started The Fault in Our Stars. I finished before the month ended and even got halfway through Looking for Alaska (which I finished today!). In conclusion, I think Goal #3 is going just swimmingly!

#5 // Expand The Two Little Elephants //
I made this goal vague on purpose. I didn't know what I wanted to do, I just knew I had to do something. Many things, actually. This was one I didn't want to be crossed off in a month or two - I think it's something that will take time, and frankly, probably won't even be crossed off in twelve months. I wrote it down with that in mind. But I do think CMK and I made a huge leap attending the NY Gift Show this past weekend. We got the opportunity to speak to brands - big and small - face to face and introduce what we do. We did need some help along the way from CMK's mom - we're in need of practice when it comes to talking to people about it!

#12 // Keep my room orderly..at.all.times //
I have, surprisingly enough, been keeping up with this one. Every time my room starts to get a little out of hand - i.e. clothes all over the floor, unmade bed, cluttered desk and dresser - I remind myself of this goal. What I've learned: it's waaaay easier to pick up a few pieces of clothes and throw away a few pieces of clutter everyday rather than deal with the crazy buildup every month.

#13 // Post (at least) 1 outfit post a month //
This is something I struggle with. To be brutally honest, this blog just isn't at the point that requires organized day-long photoshoots with skilled photographers and scouted locations. While it's something I strive for, I don't think neither I, nor this blog, nor CMK is ready for that. But as it turns out, it's tough to do these outfit posts last-minute. You don't pencil it into your day and miss the natural light, you wake up feeling uninspired and unable to pick out an outfit, you don't have a willing friend to snap photos for you...etc. I did get in a post before the month ended however, and I am determined to stick to it. I have a feeling this will be one of the things that just takes some practice - I'm sure we'll see improvements come Month 12!

#14 // Save $x,xxx //
I finally went through my graduation money - mind you, I graduated in June and had cash sitting in envelopes all over the place until a few weeks ago - and put it into my savings jar. A little old school, but the piggy-bank-esque system seems to be working quite well. I'm hoping to open a functioning savings account ASAP!

Are you sticking to your new years goals/resolutions?
xx MGR

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