Utah Recap

I'm back! A week without wifi is too long (the upside was a nice break from constantly shopping for my spring/summer wardrobe). Utah was so fun! I had a marvelous time with all of my family members and the weather was great. It couldn't have been any better, well maybe one part could have. The ski patrol had to pick me up because my mom, by accident, took me, a very unexperienced skier, down a Black Diamond. It ended being on my butt half the time, scooting down the mountain...good times. Some highlights from the trip were hot chocolate, my autistic bro skiing all by himself, Mountain Sink Spa, and my uncle, Matt, skiing 25 feet and quitting. Here are some pics from my adventure.

I can now cross off #1 on my 14 in 2014 list. I have never been to Utah in my life, but hope to go there again some time soon. 

What did you do for Presidents Day?
xx, CMK

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