"Fall Things"

While studying The Pillow Book - a piece of ancient Chinese literature filled with the daily musings of its female author - in English class, we were assigned to create our own list. Taking examples from the literature, it could have been "Infuriating Things," "Things that Make One's Heart Beat Faster," or "Elegant Things," to name a few. I, instead, made a new list of things - "Fall Things" - and thought I would share it.
Fall Things
- - -
The roars of fans and the whistles of refs during the afternoon football games.

Being enveloped in the warmth of a clean, cashmere sweater.

The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Long car rides up and down highways lined with trees colored by their vibrant leaves.

The excitement that wells in your stomach out of anticipation for the upcoming holidays.

Wiggling your toes to find warmth inside your Bean Boots.

When you're greeted by fresh apple cider donuts on a Sunday morning.

Driving around with the windows slightly cracked.

The jingle of your dogs collar as you walk through the neighborhood.

An unexpected snowfall.

On a coat-less afternoon, when your laughter is the only thing keeping you warm.

What are your favorite things about fall?
xx MGR

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